Top 5 Tweet Takeaways from Nashville UNCHAINED

A word from our leader

“To be in a room full of innovators and problem solvers who are invested in the long term health of our city was beyond inspiring. We left with working committees who will begin to tackle a variety of initiatives! A collective voice is a louder voice, but a well organized voice is where the results happen. Thank you to everyone who joined today. It takes a village. The ‪#‎indienash‬ village is a force to be reckoned with. We ARE Nashville. And I am damn proud.” – Telisha Cobb, Executive Director Nashville Independent Business Alliance

Our community needs to know

1. We are an awesome group of people.

2. Look for our logo.

3. Numbers don’t lie.

4. Nuff said.

5. Nashville flat out rules.

Did you see us in The Tennessean?

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This post was created by Beth Inglish for NIBA. For more about Beth visit or follow her on twitter at @bethinglish.

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