The USA is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Highly known for its pop culture, the country is a hot favourite tourists destination among the youths. Here is a look at some of the best American dishes. must-try dishes to enjoy while in America.

A key to a person’s happiness is food. With that being said, below is a guide on some must-try dishes while in America.

Apple Pie

Apple Pies are one of the most demanded food in the USA and for all good reasons. Although originated back in the 17th century in the Dutch and British colonies, apple pie saw the best variant coming in the states. The pie has an apple filling and is served with ice-cream or whipped cream on the top. This exquisite dish should be tasted by everyone at least once because it is merican as an Apple Pie’.


The Cheeseburgers needs no introduction to the foodies. Available everywhere in the USA, this food is the daily-life favourite dish for the Americans. Practically a variant of the hamburgers, cheeseburgers include slices of cheese over the patty. Variety of heesy options’ are available in the Cheeseburgers like mozzarella cheese or cheddar cheese or blue cheese etc.


Another one of the exquisite street foods of America, hamburgers are kind of a sandwich. These burgers have a patty prepared with pig meat or beef, really rich in taste. This fast food is available everywhere from street corners to the high-end restaurants. Hamburgers are also consumed in European countries, specially Germany. Best served with ketchup and some cream, hamburgers are the ot-favourite’ dish in America.

The Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving is widely celebrated in the USA. This festival includes its very own Thanksgiving dinner that includes a tasty Turkey. It is roasted nicely with the finest of the flavour. Garnished with vegetables, fruits, butter and spices, this food is really delicious. The traditional Thanksgiving dinner also include tasty desserts alongside the turkey.

The American – Mexicano

Mexican food is widely popular in the United States. The availability of Mexican food is quite good and the taste is even better. Over the years, some of the Mexican dishes have seen their tasty American variants like





Hot dog

Hot dog or hotdog is one of the most demanded dishes in America. Originated in New York back in the 19th century, hot dogs soon became one hot favourite dish in America and worldwide. Known for the exquisite sausage, hot dogs have a few varieties based on the fillings and all of them are delicious.

To conclude, one of the best ways to try these outstanding cuisines in America is to go on a food excursion. The same can be done all by yourself. Travelers can easily get a vehicle from many service providers like rental24h car rental and go on to enjoy their foodie adventure in the United States of America.