Bob Bernstein – Board Member

Bob Bernstein is the founder of Bongo Productions, a restaurant group that includes many oldests and firsts.   The company proudly creates different operations to fit each neighborhood it moves into.  Bob quit his journalism job to open what is now Nashville’s oldest coffeehouse, Bongo Java in 1993.  Other operations followed after that including Fido, Bongo Java Roasting Co. (Nashville first certified organic coffee roasting company), Grins Vegetarian Cafe (Nashville’s oldest vegetarian cafe and first certified kosher restaurant) and Fenwick’s 300, a partnership with an employee.  The company has plans to open stores in emerging neighborhoods in 2017:  10th Ave., Jefferson St. and Wedgewood Houston.  Bob is married to Irma Paz-Bernstein, who with her sister opened Las Paletas.  Together they have two sons.

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