Eric Brown – Board Treasurer

As one of the last natives still in Nashville, Eric is a mix of community connector, and a dose of cool awesomeness. With a passion for children’s rights advocacy with the Children’s Defense Fund, restorative justice when volunteering at Riverbend Prisons, to socially conscious ministries at Jefferson Street Missionary Baptist Church, he believes service is the rent we pay in being grateful for the life we live. Eric loves Nashville so much he intentionally partners with all groups of people to bridge the gaps of love, diversity, human equity, and dignity in the city. Even with a few degrees from American Baptist College and Vanderbilt University, Eric says his greatest education comes from the stories of those who persevered to make Nashville the great city it is. He believes one thing, “Life is a journey. Though one might be scared, allow the fear to push you forward instead of holding you back.”

The only way to prepare for social life is to engage in social life. – John Dewey


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