Jennifer Sheets – Board Secretary

Partner – Frothy Monkey

I left corporate America in 2001 when my songwriter husband and I moved to Nashville from Boston, MA.

If you had asked me back then what I would be doing for a living, I never would have said ‘building brands’ or ‘growing businesses’, but that is exactly what I do. I never imagined that the end result of building other people’s businesses would be that I would eventually build my own, but here we are.

How did I get here? Psychology, special ed + sociology degrees > marketing at a life insurance company > degree in visual communications > creative director at the Predators > then at an ad agency > started my own brand strategy + creative firm > also started a music publishing company > and finally joined the ownership group at Frothy Monkey where I lead marketing + creative.

I thrive when surrounded by the entrepreneurial spirit and I strategically surround myself with driven people who inspire me. My mantra is “Be strategic, be creative, help people, and have fun doing it”. If you put everything I do into that box it all makes a little more sense.

I’m a creative, an entrepreneur, wife of a creative + entrepreneur, and mom to a three year old son with twin girls on the way. And yes, I do believe in Nashville.

Fun fact: Adventure, determination and quick thinking are in my blood- One of my ancestors who came over on the Mayflower is the only known passenger who managed to re-board the ship after falling off. Oops.

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