Bookman / Bookwoman

BookManBookWoman is an independent new and used bookstore in Nashville, Tennessee. Opened in 1995, BookManBookWoman is owned by two of Nashville’s best known book collectors, Larry and Saralee Woods. Needing a place to grow their expanding collection of rare and valuable books, they opened the store in Hillsboro Village and quickly launched Nashville’s best independent bookstore with over 10,000 titles.

Today, BookManBookWoman has expanded to carry the best new and used book titles for book lovers, collectors, students, and book clubs. If we do not have a book in stock, the staff will work hard get a copy for you.

BookManBookWoman wants to share their love of books with readers everywhere. Through book events, special sales, and a knowledgeable staff, we hope to inspire a greater passion for reading in all our customers. A visit to our store is a wonderful experience for book lovers everywhere.

BookManBookWoman is proud to have been voted Nashville’s Best Used Bookstore by readers of the Nashville Scene and Nashville Woman. Not only is BookManBookWoman Nashville’s best bookstore, it is also Nashville’s friendliest.

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