Colts Chocolates

At Colts Chocolates, we are committed to using only the finest, freshest ingredients. We hand-roast our almonds and pecans and make everything in small batches to ensure that homemade taste you deserve. Since 1984, we have brought you unique and innovative confections that are unlike any others. Every single product has its very own distinctive look and taste.

Making gourmet chocolates and desserts (yes, we have an extensive line of ooey gooey desserts – including our famous Salted Caramel Gooey Butter Bar!) was the dream of Mackenzie Colt, country music singer and songwriter and a former featured actress on TV’s long-running show HEE HAW. In 1984 she founded Colts Chocolates and never looked back.

From the stage to stove…Mackenzie has created and developed each and every product.

Great chocolate doesn’t just make itself!

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