Little Seed Farm

After one too many years of city living, Eileen & James Ray came to realize that their true destiny lay in their roots. In early 2012 they moved from life in NYC to a stretch of land in rural Tennessee to build their dream – Little Seed Farm. Their mission is to provide humanely and sustainably produced soap and skincare to their community, and to encourage other small businesses to embrace land stewardship and sustainable production. As they continue down this road, they look forward to sharing their journey and reflecting on what they’ve learned thus far. They hope to inspire others to pursue their dreams.

What we stand for at Little Seed Farm:

  • Creating chemical-free, safe and nourishing skincare
  • Providing our animals with a natural and humane environment
  • Using clean energy to produce our products and run our farm (as of September 2015 we are 100% solar powered!)
  • Using nature to guide our animal husbandry practices
  • Seeking methods that limit the use of outside inputs
  • Adopting practices that utilize the full cycle of nature and minimize waste
  • Using eco-friendly and recyclable packaging

At Little Seed Farm we endeavor to create a farming model based on true sustainability, relying on as few inputs as possible. For us that means starting with a seed. We start with grass, forage, and botanical seeds that evolve into rich pastures and healing herbs. Our goats, pigs and chickens are the beneficiaries, happily grazing down the grass as they are rotationally grazed throughout the year. By-products of our farm are incorporated into the system whenever possible.

Whether it’s through composting or choosing to use only recyclable packaging, we seek to minimize waste and pollution. By allowing our animals to graze on open land in the fresh air we believe our alternative farming model can provide our customers with healthier products and the knowledge that it was produced humanely and responsibly.

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