m.florita jewelry

m.florita jewelry is a handcrafted jewelry line created by Nashville, TN native Marrah Florita. Nashville has always been home. However, I have fallen in love with so many other great cities too. I’ve always loved to travel but I’ve never fallen hard enough to even imagine living anywhere but here. I take great pride in the place I call home. Whether you’ve lived here since you were born or moved here for college or a career, Nashville is a very special and exciting place to be. After years of making gemstone jewelry, I created the first skyline necklace as a gift for a childhood friend as a keepsake to remind her of home. She loved it so much, as did everyone I made them for, that I became very inspired and experimented with the varieties and styles. I found that they became my favorite design and increasingly I enjoyed making more to sell, and to wear myself!

Each piece from the Skyline Collection will be made in my home studio in Nashville, TN. Coming soon, I will add multiple pieces to the collection, including earrings, bracelets, bangles, pins/tietacks, dogtags and other accessories.

All of the jewelry is created to inspire the person wearing it. The whole line includes a signature collection of hand stamped personalized charms, the growing Skyline Collection and the Kira Collection that incorporates all vintage chain and one-of-a-kind finds. The most vital place to find my inspiration is in ‘digging’. Whether it’s at a gemstone show, flea market, warehouse in New York or on the pages of a magazines. I strive for a timeless collection with the perfect mix of handcrafted, vintage and gemstones.


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