Salted Table Co

Salted Table Co is an in-home dining experience designed to give you a unique event worthy of remembering. I believe that ‘the meal’ is best enjoyed in the comfort of your own home, where you are able to entertain your guests and your guests are able to interact with the chef one on one. It is my desire to share my food stories, the hard work and passion of our local farmers and artisans alike with the people who consume/utilize their products.

You will also be able to access the recipes that we cook for you on our blog so you can enjoy them over and over. It is my goal to educate my clients on food preparation, cooking techniques and share ways to make cooking enjoyable and less stressful at home.

The Salted Co will work with you on a menu that fits your special occasion. I pride myself on offering original creations that aren’t your typical catering options so the choices are endless. We prepare primarily southern foods with influences from many cultures that allows to provide your guests with many options.

Learn more about Chef Charles Hunter III here

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