Member Benefits


Now is the time to join forces to protect, foster, and strengthen the local businesses in our neighborhoods and communities that give us a sense of place, ensure our diverse culture, and provide us with communities we are proud to call home. By joining Nashville Independent Business Alliance, you’re joining a group of locally-owned and diverse businesses of all industries that share one thing in common: the desire to create a unique,  prosperous and thriving city.




Love of Place: Our Indie Nash brand is working to educate locals and visitors that our choices matter. Each NIBA member will receive an Indie Nash window decal and digital materials. Whether it is foot traffic or web traffic, when people see the Indie Nash decal they will know they are choosing a locally-owned, independent business.

Advocacy:   Our Members benefit from our ongoing advocacy for independent, locally-owned businesses in government, media and community. Community-based, independent businesses deserve an uncompromised voice and seat at the table.

Cultivating Connection: Complimentary invites to free monthly member mixers.  Connect with other local, independent business owners to grow meaningful relationships and collaborations. Creating space for this type of connection allows us to realize we are all in this together and encourages business to business procurement.

Education: We are constantly informing the community about the myriad of ways local, independent businesses build a sustainable economy. Your membership dues go directly towards creating a more “locally” minded consumer base that brings more customers to your business.

Skill Enhancing: By partnering with other organizations, we’ll introduce new ideas, services and professionals which can help our independent business community thrive.

Story Telling: We are telling the story of the people and places which sustain and fuel Nashville’s independent spirit, local economy and community pride. Utilizing our social media channels, blog and public appearances we are telling Nashville’s story, with our locally-owned, independent businesses in the spotlight.

Member Directory: Nashville Independent Business Alliance will raise your visibility as a business. As a member, you’ll be listed in our online member directory at The directory is solely made up of verified locally-owned, independent businesses, making it a one of a kind in the city.

“Buy Indie” Campaigns: You’ll have the opportunity to participate in city-wide “Buy Indie” campaigns like Independents Week and Indie Nash Giving. Each campaign offers ability to be a part of cooperative ad buys, shared resources and creative ideas.

Media Publicity: We’ll work to seek ongoing opportunities to gain media exposure for locally-owned, independent businesses and our movement.

Pro-Local Movement: Membership offers you connection to one of the most vibrant movements in the country. As an affiliate of American Independent Business Alliance we are tapped into resources and national organizations which benefit our work and independent businesses locally.

Business Member Annual Fee : $150.00 per business location




Here’s our criteria for a “local, independent business + membership:”

  1. Honor and respect the diversity of our community. Membership is open to independent businesses that welcome all people without restriction based on age, gender, identity, class, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability or religion.
  2. The business is privately held and not publicly traded.
  3. The business owners who have a controlling interest of more than 50% live in Metro Nashville.
  4. The business can make independent decisions regarding the name and look of the business, business purchasing, practices and distribution, as well as pays all their own marketing, rent, and other business expenses. Franchises are not applicable for membership under our guidelines. 
  5. The business is based in the Metro Nashville area and has no corporate or national headquarters outside the state.

Why does this matter? Well, local businesses reinvest 3 TIMES MORE money back into our local economy. That means, for every $100 spent at a local business, an average of $45 is recirculated into Metro Nashville, vs. only $15 when that money is spent with a national chain store or corporation. Local businesses are much more likely to hire a local marketing firm, use a local printer, and employ the services of a local attorney, creating a multiplier effect.