Nothing spells adrenaline faster than speed. However, to enjoy a fulfilled life, it is better to drive safely than to drive fast. You should consider your safety as a young driver when you enter nu rental car under 21. As a young driver, you should go for cars that are easier to handle, safe to drive with a considerable amount of speed.
In this article, we have compiled a list of 3 safest cars for young drivers.


This brainchild of the Toyota car company rates high for crashworthiness scoring a G+. This car was designed with its passenger safety. This sleek design automobile is fitted with Toyota’s star safety system. Toyota’s star safety system is packed with:
• Anti-lock brakes for the smooth braking system.
• Brake assist.
• Stability control.
• Smart stop technology.
• Electronic brake system.
• 10 airbags to reduce impact during accidents.
• 3 seatbelts to hold passengers in place.
• Latch for kids.
All these are in place to ensure the safety of everyone in the car while it’s in motion. It would take a reckless driver to wreck this sleek beauty.


When it comes to safety, this SUV vehicle takes the cut. The Honda CR-V is designed to offer maximum security for its passenger. Its fuel efficiency and spacious interior coupled with its safety features make it one of the safest cars for young drivers. This car offers the following features:
• Dual forward and side-impact airbags to absorb shock effectively in case of an accident.
• Electronic stability control
• Traction control
• Four-wheel drive for maximum driver control
• Sensors that help avoid collisions and keep SUV on its lane.
This car is a great choice for young drivers looking to cruise in style without putting their lives at the risk of over speed.


Subaru has established itself as king of safety on the highway with all of its models listed in IIHS Top safety lists. It is offered at affordable prices, which makes it even more appealing to young drivers. With the following features, this SUV is a sure bet when it comes to safety on the road:
• 4-wheel drive for maximum control
• Side impact, dual forward and side curtain airbags to absorb shock on passengers in the event of an accident.
• Electronic traction control.
• Stability control.
• Driver assists technology.
• Lane tracker.

Have this list in mind as you go through your car rental under 21 to give you an idea of what a safe car should look like. When it comes to your safety while driving, do not compromise.